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DiO    pmca

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This data is from Alain Burette at Richard Weinberg’s laboratory at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The DiO data shows the stained membrane of a dentrite, with spines coming out of it. The PMCA2 data set shows where calcium channels are.

Unzip the file to a directory of your choosing. To load a data set, click File -> Open, and navigate to the directory containing the unzipped data. There are groups of images: DiO and PMCA2. To load the DiO data, double click on dio...tif. Double click on “Collection of slides” from the pop-up dialog (It’s “TIFF Volume File Format” in older versions of ImageSurfer 2). Click the Apply button in the Properties panel on the left. A white wire frame should show up, representing the bounding box of the DiO data.


To load the PMCA data set, click File -> Open again, double click on pmca2...tif, double click on “TIFF 2D Slice Sequence” (if in an older version, it’s TIFF Volume File Format), and finally, hit Apply. Pmca is now also showing in the Pipeline Browser.