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Follow these steps to install SketchBio and its dependencies on your Windows machine.

  1. Download the SketchBio installer from the software page.
  2. Run the installer and follow its prompts to install SketchBio (should be named something like “sketchbio.0.x.x.msi”).
  3. Now that you have installed SketchBio, there are couple extra steps you may need to complete before you can use the program. SketchBio makes use of several tools which you may not have installed on your computer, and you can find installers for them in the installation folder you made for SketchBio in the last step. Install the following programs:
  4. Blender – SketchBio uses this open-source 3D graphics software to render animations. If you do not already have blender on your computer, you can install it by running “blender-2.71-windows64.exe” from the installation folder.
  5. Chimera – SketchBio uses UCSF Chimera to generate molecular surfaces. You can install this program by running “chimera-1.9-win64.exe” from the installation folder.
  6. Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 – Because SketchBio was built with Visual Studio 2012, you may be required to install the redistributagle packages. This can be done by running “vcredist_X64.exe” from the installation folder.